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What If The Avengers Were All Women?

What if Marvel woke up and realized they’ve been miscasting their key superhero roles all this time? What if they suddenly came to their sense, and decided it was high time we had female versions of those characters on the big screen?

What might that look like?

Well that’s just what these awesome, highly-photoshopped mockups depict – the female versions of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, if they were instead played by Amber Heard, Alison Brie, and Sandra Bullock (respectively).

The Avengers as Women

Pretty bad ass huh?

Now if only Marvel (or DC or anyone) would get the hint and finally make a female-lead superhero action film already. I mean, wouldn’t you pay to go see these ladies kick some ass and save the world on the big screen?

We have been hearing rumors about a Black Widow film for a while. Plus, Marvel has also been pondering bringing Captain Marvel (formerly known as Ms. Marvel) to the big screen for her own movie (more on that soon). And DC Comics & Warner Bros. recently announced a three-movie deal with Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman, including a standalone film of her own.

So things are moving in the right direction and it’s only a matter of time. But I’m impatient, and I can’t wait! So in the meantime, I’m gonna keep talking about it, and telling people we need it, and hope that the inspiring image of these fictional superheroines will help spark the next generation of Tough Cookies.

Tough Cookies assemble!

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