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A Marvel Movie for Captain Marvel

Finally! Marvel is officially announcing their first for-sure, definitely-going-to-happen female-lead action feature film – one that will star the unstoppable Captain Marvel, formally known as Ms. Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel

Marvel has been pulling some exciting new characters out of their bag of comic books lately to transition to the big screen. And given their very successful track record with that so far, including the recent box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy, I’d say this one will have a pretty good chance of success as well.

Besides her own standalone movie (due to release July 6, 2018), it sounds like Captain Marvel may even also make appearances (or at least mentions) in the next “Avengers” Age of Ultron” film and Marvel Netflix series based around fellow comic heroine Jessica Jones.

The jury is still out on exactly which lucky lady will be cast to play Captain Marvel. But rumors have already been flying high and fans of the comics have spoken up for their favored choice – Katee Sackhoff.

Katee Sackhoff in Riddick

Sackhoff is no stranger to action roles herself, having kicked ass on screen for shows like Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the more recent 2013 Riddick feature film. So this Tough Cookie could very well be a very solid candidate.

Apparently, Sackhoff did sit down with Marvel execs recently to talk about future projects, which is giving fans hope. But new word from Marvel is dispelling those rumors that she may not be their first choice after all.

So we’ll just have to sit tight and see what news surfaces next and who is honored with the chance to play this iconic superhero, to dominate the silver screen and make history as the first female to lead a Marvel movie.

Now wouldn’t that be marvel-ous?

Source: IGN


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