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Meet the Ellen DeGeneres of Tech

Ever heard of big time Silicon Valley venture capitalist and business mogul Tim Draper? Well apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree, regardless of gender… or the gender dynamics of the whole orchard.The Valley Girl Show with Jesse Draper

Tim Draper’s daughter Jesse Draper has been making a major mark of her own in the tech world with her show, The Valley Girl Show.

Clearly, Jesse has as much pride in her Silicon Valley roots as her father, as well as in the people who make its most prominent industry go tick. But Jesse takes it one step further, ensuring that everyone in the tech industry gets an equal chance at the spotlight. Being a women in a man’s world herself, Jesse Draper has made it part of her mission to feature as many female as male guests on her show. She’s hosted the likes of both Elon Musk and Sheryl Sandberg.

The Valley Girl Show guest Sheryl SandbergBut that doesn’t mean she gives the women on her show any different of an experience. She treats each guest with equal parts respect and humor, every single time. She’s been known to make her guests do all kinds of silly and embarrassing things, like hula hoop, robot dance, or blow bubbles. In fact, you could call her the Ellen DeGeneres of tech. (She calls herself that anyway.)

Jesse inspiration for creating her show came about as she watched CNN and CNBC growing up, and noticed that the interviewed entrepreneurs were only grilled about the financial side of their business, and never shared anything about their inspiration or vision. So she started recording her own show 6 years ago in her parents’ garage, and has grown it into a must-see program on Fox TV today.

What’s more, this Tough Cookie mogul also founded an angel investment fund called Valley Girl Ventures to provide early-stage investing to more women-run businesses, something she feels is dearly lacking. And she also organizes networking events for professional women all across the country. As Jesse says, “I see younger men just putting themselves out there . . . For women, it’s a learned confidence.”

Well I’m excited to see another Tough Cookie out there encouraging more women to be confident, put themselves out there and grab life by the balls.

Perhaps Jesse is also related to wildly successful advertising mogul Don Draper. OK obviously not. But then… it wouldn’t be a terribly hard picture to imagine.

Source: Fast Company


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