Tough Cookie Self-Defense

Ready to learn how to fight like a Tough Cookie?

This is a different kind of self-defense. Designed by a woman. For women. From one Tough Cookie to another. Because the truth is self-defense is not about kicking ass or winning fights.

Self-defense is about survival. Period.

It is as much mental as physical. And abuse is abuse, whether with words or fists. So any truly comprehensive self-defense training must address both.

As a woman who has faced such threats and harassment herself, I am all the more passionate and prepared to help show others how to survive the same. So I’ve designed a very simple step-by-step system of ABCs for surviving and thriving in any situation that life (and bad guys) might throw at you.

I’ve got your back. Because I’ve been through it too. And so have many others like you. You are not alone. A rising tide lifts all vaginas.

Be so strong that you lift others up with you. Be a force to reckon with. Welcome to your inspiration destination. It’s time to fight back like a girl!