Our Origin Story

Despite significant historical achievements in women’s rights and gender equality, and especially in the current global political climate, women today are still confronted with many social and professional prejudices – both external and internal.

Women have come so far and yet we still face so many struggles, not least of which is the confidence to tackle and achieve what we want without judgment or loss of self. We may have more rights and opportunities than ever, but we still need to embrace the power within ourselves to feel worthy of them.

To decide what’s right for each of us, regardless of what others say, and not be afraid to go out and get it!

I Can Do It design_eyes

Whatever the endeavor or arena, many women still worry that stepping up and owning such power would mean sacrificing that sweetness and softness that makes us female. So instead, we’ve been taught to get competitive and catty to get ahead, put our emotions on ice and do whatever it takes, even if it means turning against the men around us and – even worse – against our fellow womenkind.

Well if that’s the playing field we’re stuck in, then it’s about time we changed the game.

There is a better way to live as a woman in today’s world – a better way to be as strong and successful as you want without compromising your gentility or generosity. You CAN be a go-getter with grace and finesse. You CAN be girly without compromising your power and strength. You CAN balance the fierce and the feminine.

That’s how Tough Cookie came into being.

She doesn’t want to prove you don’t need anyone else or can do it all on your own. And she doesn’t feel the need to make others small in order to feel bigger herself.

What she does want is to be confident in herself and show strength in her body, mind, AND spirit. So strong that she lifts others up with her, and celebrates others as she celebrates herself. She is driven AND compassionate; firm AND gentle; strong AND feminine.

Tough AND Cookie.

A rising tide lifts all boats AND vaginas.

There are already numerous examples emerging around us – incredible forces of women fighting for the right to be smart, strong, sweet ladies who kick ass and then hug each other. But we need more women to step up to the plate and challenge what we’ve been taught about being a modern woman. Let’s prove that you can be tough AND vulnerable at the same time.

That’s what Tough Cookie Says. You bet your sweet kickin’ ass you can!

Join her and make it your mission too – be you chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or snickerdoodle. You can put on that frilly apron, bake your cake (or cookies) with love AND eat it too.

Let’s form a new team, take to the field, and change how this game is played. It’s time we gave a voice to the Tough Cookie in all of us, with all of us, for all of us.

We Are All Tough Cookies.jpg

Because that’s the way the cookie ought to crumble.



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