About Tough Cookie

Do a quick search for self-defense books on Amazon and notice how all of the top results are written by men. Even the ones geared towards women. Yet statistics (and life experience) tell us that 90% of rape victims are female, and that 1 out of 3 women are affected by domestic violence.

There’s something wrong with this picture. So we created Tough Cookie to do something about it.

We’ve created a special new kind of self-defense. The ladies version. Designed and taught by women who have actually been through it too. Who know what you’re going through. And what it’s really like to survive it. We made this for our fellow women like you who deserve self-defense training as special, sincere, and well-rounded as you are.

Here at Tough Cookie, we’re doing self-defense differently.

Who are we? Well let’s meet the team!


Rebecca Ahn
Founder & Lead Instructor

Self-defense instructor and physical safety coach with training in martial arts, stunts, and CPR first response who has survived various forms of violence and abuse throughout her life, as well as functioning as a sort of unofficial “bodyguard” for her friends over the years, and as a result found her calling helping better prepare others to survive the same. Survive and thrive. Because this life was meant to be lived fully and freely, without fear.



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